Now available on Steam for Oculus and Vive

Journey into the heart of an ancient realm of myth and legend in the first chapter of this award-winning, puzzle-based Virtual Reality adventure series available now on Steam

Room-scale Mode

Thunderbird was designed for large playspaces and offers the most natural form of locomotion available in VR

360' Standing Mode

For limited playspaces, an intuitive Teleportation system offers users a 100% motion-sickness-free VR experience

Hand Presence

Exclusive motion controller support allows you to interact naturally with virtual objects just as you would in real life

Intuitive Puzzles

Thunderbird uses cleverly designed and intuitive puzzles to help maintain a sense of purpose as well as presence

Thunderbird is an award-winning Virtual Reality adventure series that transports you to a world of wonder where myths come true and legends become real right before your eyes.
Game Description

Thunderbird is an interactive adventure where exploration and discovery are key motivators in driving the overall experience. A strong sense of mystery and the reward of discovery combine within Thunderbird to create a most engaging experience for the truly adventurous at heart.

Created by one of the developers behind 1997’s best-selling game, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Thunderbird fuses key elements from classic adventure games with next-gen tech to provide an unsurpassed level of immersion.

Driven by physics-based interactive puzzles, this episodic adventure series unfolds according to your every action guiding you deeper into the heart of an ancient realm for a memorable encounter with the legendary Thunderbird.

“I played through it a few times to capture this footage, and I'm hooked. I want more.”

-Ben Kuchera / Polygon