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When the Oculus Rift first broke its way into the technology market, the concept of a virtual reality headset actually providing a quality gaming experience seemed questionable. While many gamers were willing to shell out the cash necessary to try the new notion, most felt that this type of VR headset would be a short-lived fad. However, today we now know that assumption was incorrect, and several gaming giants, like Sony and Google, started to release products to compete with the Oculus Rift. With the future of VR headsets as a marketable technology product now certain, the most affordable VR headset on the market that still provides a worthwhile VR experience, the PlayStation VR, burst onto the scene. However, it has been over two years since the PlayStation VR was released, and since that time, many other affordable options have appeared on the market. The appearance of new, affordable VR headset options caused many to wonder whether or not the PlayStation VR is still worthwhile as an option. Ask yourself – is Playstation VR is it worth It?

PlayStation VR: Is it worth it?

When answering the question of whether or not the PlayStation VR is worth it for a user, the answer can vary depending on what items the user already owns. To measure the worth of the PlayStation VR on today’s market, people first need to either factor in considering the possible purchase of the PlayStation 4 or compatible PC, or they should already own a PlayStation 4. For those that already own a PlayStation 4, the headset is very much worth the cost since the user already owns the compatible console, and can easily increase their VR experience with the headset. However, another benefit to the PlayStation VR is the fact that it is compatible with some PCs if utilized with the third-party software program, TrinusVR.

Necessary Hardware

Although users can utilize the PlayStation VR with the TrinusVR software program, Sony does not officially advertise the PlayStation VR headset as being compatible with all PCs. However, all versions of the PlayStation 4 gaming console are designed to work effortlessly with the PlayStation VR. Those gamers who do decide to use the PlayStation VR on their PCs may dislike the low-quality value of the resolution they get, but one benefit of this is the fast refresh rate of the PlayStation VR, which measures 120Hz. If you compare that rate to the PlayStation VR’s competition, the Vive and the Rift, which both provide a refresh rate of 90Hz, you can see the balance of performance you are still getting with the PlayStation VR.


While its price might be affordable, one drawback of the PlayStation VR headset is the fact that you won’t immediately get all the accessories you need when you purchase it. For instance, you will need to cough up some cash for the additional purchase of the necessary PS Camera so that the PlayStation VR headset works correctly. Some games also need users to own either or both the move or aim controllers, other items you would need to buy separately.

Overall, the PlayStation VR headset is worth it mostly for those who already own or plan to purchase the PlayStation 4. It doesn’t compare well graphically with other affordable PC headsets when used on the PC, but it does work effortlessly on the PlayStation 4. So Playstation VR is it Worth It? Definitely!

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