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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to experience virtual reality, then selecting one of the best VR headsets for mobile might just be the way for you to go. Mobile VR headsets offer users with an affordable option that also provides easy set-up requirements when compared to your usual PC VR headset. Most people also enjoy the fact that mobile VR headsets allow them to view movies, apps, games, and if you’re looking at VR gaming on an iphone you should grab an iPhone gaming controller for the best experience. Below we’ve analyzed the top VR mobile headsets, and provided you with three options.

The Samsung Gear VR SM-R325

For serious gamers who want a variety of options, the Samsung Gear VR SM-R325, designed to perform with Samsung’s flagship mobiles, provides users with an amazing way to encounter VR. Samsung’s achievement in VR comes from their ability to offer several games and apps which widely outnumber the offerings of the Daydream View’s. Plus, the Samsung Gear VR SM-R325 is designed for comfort, with excellent padding and straps that are easy to adjust. While the comfort level of the Samsung is not quite as cozy as that of the Daydream View’s initially, many users find that after they have utilized their Samsung Gear VR SM-R325 for a period of time, the headset begins to form to their heads, adding additional comfort. Another excellent aspect Samsung offers in their design is an adjustment dial for the lenses, which helps adapt to the wearer’s pupils and assists with a better view range. It does take some time to adapt to the Samsung Gear VR’s remote, but once a person gets used to it, they usually discover that it is lightweight and simple to utilize. Still, even with its lightweight design, it weighs more than the Daydream View’s, it can take some practice to connect it to your phone, and it only works with more expensive Samsung Phones.

Google Daydream View

The Google Daydream View is another excellent option if you want an outstanding VR headset. First, it provides an outstanding level of comfort right out of the box when compared to the Samsung Gear VR. The Google Daydream View’s controller is also impressive, since it utilizes hand-tracking and is much easier to use than the remote provided by the Samsung Gear VR. Plus, the Google Daydream View is also easier to use with an ever-growing list of moto phones, and includes apps like HBO Now and YouTube.

Google Merge VR/AR Goggles

For those shopping on a budget, one of the best choices on the market today is the Google Merge VR/AR goggles. These goggles are part of the Google Cardboard platform, and probably the best set of affordable goggles to come out of that impressive line. You’ll get a nice VR design that is easy to adjust, comfortable, simple to use, and comes with bonuses like Merge’s virtual reality library. The cushioning on this headset is designed out of a soft foam that feels good on your head, and provides an amazing amount of comfort for the price. Truly one of the best VR headset for mobile.

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